Support Young Athletes with New Fun & Funky T-Shirts!

tshirts2.pngJust in time for the holidays, we're excited to introduce our new Grand Matcha Experiment Long Sleeve T-Shirts. Support young athletes this holiday season by purchasing Long Sleeve T's for the athletes in your life (and one for yourself!). Net proceeds benefit youth athletic groups and charities selected by our Final Four Athletes. DōMatcha's™ Final Four are competitive amateur athletes who have integrated matcha tea into their regimens discovering new focus, energy, and stamina for the competitive edge they need. Wear the Long Sleeve T as casual wear or after your workout or yoga class. They're funky and fun and getting rave reviews from men and women alike. Made in a non-sweatshop factory in Los Angeles, each T is printed with water-based ink in a solvent-free Vancouver print shop. Pictured: Men's Large and Women's Medium.


Fab Four!


The Grand Matcha Experiment is DōMatcha's™ two-month journey to explore the health and performance benefits matcha provides competing athletes. Over the coming months we will document the performance of our selected "fab four" as they incorporate DōMatcha™ into their training regimens. Our sincere thanks to all those who applied.

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DōMatcha™ Utensils

Whisk.jpgDōMatcha™ Utensils bring convenience, efficiency and ceremonial tradition to tea time. Hand-crafted and beautifully decorated, our specialized utensils are a must for preparing the perfect matcha.


Delicious DōMatcha™ Recipes!

Recipes120.jpgDelicious DōMatcha™ Recipes! Try delicious traditional or contemporary recipes and watch our "How to Make Your Matcha" video for an easy, step-by-step guide to the perfect cup of DōMatcha™ green tea.

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