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Spring DoMatcha Donuts from Sweetly Raw!

If you're looking for a perfectly hued treat to serve at an Easter do or backyard brunch, look no further than these amazing matcha donuts. Made with whole foods, vegan, gluten-free, and made without refined sugar, they're a great way to have a sweet treat without indulging in Easter candy!

Domatcha matcha vegan donuts

Dye your Easter Eggs with matcha

We take any opportunity to infuse our offerings with matcha, and Easter treats are no exceptions. You may have heard of the natural trend of dyeing Easter eggs with turmeric, red cabbage, onion skins or beets to give them beautiful natural hues. Did you know you can dye eggs with matcha to make them green as well? 

Matcha dyed Easter Eggs

Whether you want to make a whole naturally-dyed rainbow or just different shades of green, you can produce some beautifully-hued eggs without using chemical dyes. 

Matcha Kombucha | from Eat to Thrive Nutrition

This month, we’re happy to welcome Holistic Nutritionist Sara of Eat to Thrive Nutrition who has made a magical matcha kombucha recipe! Green tea-based kombucha has a smoother and more refreshing flavour, which can taste less vinegary than black tea-based kombucha. This was my first time trying kombucha with matcha, and it was a huge success! The matcha gives a smooth and almost creamy earthy addition to the iced green tea flavour.

DoMatcha matcha green tea kombucha

Matcha Halloween Cookie Pizza

When October rolls around, we love to add matcha to our seasonal baking to give the fun and sometimes spooky green hue! You can turn regular cookies into green spiders, or even turn your seasonal cider a Halloween colour!

Blogger Heather Pace of Sweetly Raw agrees with us on using DōMatcha® to make healthy yet indulgent autumnal treats! She came up with a creative Halloween Cookie Pizza for October. Read on for the full recipe! 

DoMatcha Vegan Halloween Cookie Pizza

DōMatcha® Black Bean Brownies

Our favourite work-friendly, energy-building recipe for autumn is Matcha Black Bean Brownies. Their moist texture and fudgy flavour might surprise you! Due to the inclusion of the beans, they are packed full of nutrients, and the addition of matcha really lifts them into superfood status!

Matcha Black Bean Brownie vegan gluten-free