Australian Tea Cultural Seminar - Reviews

The first Australian Tea Cultural Seminar, AUSTCS 2017, was held in Canberra on 11th- 12th of November. Tea Professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world attended the seminar which DōMatcha® was proud to sponsor.
Read the attendee reviews and find out why this was such a special event for tea lovers.

Matcha Benefits - Learn the Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

matcha benefits

Matcha tea is known for its great taste, its vibrant green colour and especially for its health promoting properties. This stone ground powder made from Japanese tea leaves has been celebrated for its nutritional properties for centuries.

The health benefits of matcha really depend on how you consume matcha, the quality of matcha you drink and how often. If you are drinking matcha in strong sweet beverages with lots of milk like matcha lattes or in ice cream this will not have the same benefits as drinking matcha that is made the traditional way....

How To Make Matcha Tea

Learning how to make matcha properly is an important part of enjoying this delicious tea. Traditionally, a matcha tea ceremony is a process where priests follow set procedures laid out many years ago that include prayer and ritual, but you don’t have to follow these to make a delicious bowl of tea.

Matcha is one of the most refreshing, delicious and invigorating teas you can drink. It doesn’t take long to make and it’s worth doing it right to get the best flavour.

What You Need To Make Matcha Tea

1. A large cup or drinking bowl Read more

DōMatcha® Australia - Golden Leaf Awards Winners 2017.

DōMatcha® Australia - Sencha and Genmaicha Golden Leaf Awards Winners 2017
We are so excited to announce that DōMatcha®‘s two Organic Green Teas – Genmaicha and Sencha have won Gold at the 2017 Golden Leaf Awards in Australia as the best Japanese Genmaicha and best Japanese Sencha. DōMatcha®’s Sencha is full sun grown organic Sencha, using only the first picked leaves. It is steamed rolled and heat dried. When compared with wine, our Sencha is considered the finest of red table wines. Our...

International Women's Day & DōMatcha®

In honour of Women's Day, we are thrilled to announce that 5% of ALL PROCEEDS from our website for the period of March 2 - March 9 will be donated to the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre in Vancouver! 

The Eastside Women's Centre provides a safe space for women and children. They provide practical support, basic necessities and hot nutritious meals to over 500 women and children every day. They support women to make positive changes in their lives by connecting them to a variety of services including outreach, advocacy, wellness, recreation, housing and skills developing. 


DōMatcha®'s Award Winning Organic Green Teas.

We are so excited to announce that 3 of our Organic Green Teas have won awards at the 2015 North American Tea Championships!

1st Place - Organic Hojicha

DōMatcha®'s Organic Hojicha uses a proprietary blend of high-quality green tea leaves, pan-fired and slow roasted in the traditional methods in Kyoto. Most Hojicha tea uses lower quality Bancha leaves making for a bitter taste, however, DōMatcha®ʼs Organic Hojicha uses only 100% autumn leaves, offering notes of mesquite and an extremely smooth finish. Hojicha is often drunk after evening meals due...

DōMatcha® International Team Interviews David Lyons of 18 Thirtyfour

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is David Lyons, today I’m the owner of 18ThirtyFour, a business created to offer education in tea. This education isn’t always the usual classroom format but can be delivered in so many different ways. I believe education can be offered to us in so many forms, through communication, taste and visual stimulation, it’s what we do with that education. I like to look back at our history because this is where the future will come from. I’m talking about tea, and man’s fascination with the humble Camellia sinensis plant....