DōMatcha®’s high quality matcha tea powder with caffeine

Your morning matcha powder caffeine routine starts here

Here at DōMatcha®, we are big fans of a daily matcha and green tea routine to get a gentle caffeine boost of energy. Our high quality matcha and organic green tea lines all contain relatively mild levels of caffeine, a natural stimulant found in tea, coffee, and cacao plants.

Most of our matcha tea powder contains caffeine, as it is a natural part of the leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis that matcha is made from. However, the matcha tea caffeine levels are much lower than those in coffee beverages, and the effect is gentler, partly due to the presence of L-theanine.

Matcha is one of nature’s largest sources of L-theanine, a very special amino acid that can induce a state of focus and calm and have a positive effect on mental wellness. As matcha has a high L-theanine content, it works synergistically with the caffeine content in matcha, tempering the energizing effect of caffeine to help prevent any energy spikes or jitters, and helping you concentrate instead. Matcha is great as a workday beverage for this reason – a state of improved alertness and performance is great to have on the job.

Green tea also has a much higher pH level than coffee. Coffee is a fairly acidic food, meaning its pH value is below 7 on a scale of 0-14. Depending on the method of brewing and variables in the coffee beans, coffee acidity can vary, but it’s usually around 4.8-5.10 pH. Many people, especially those who experience digestive health conditions like acid reflux or IBS, find that drinking coffee can trigger digestive discomfort. High-quality matcha like DōMatcha® has an even higher pH value than green tea, due to its high levels of chlorophyll – drinking matcha is drinking the entire powdered tea leaf, rather than just an infusion in hot water. Matcha is at an average pH level of 9, making it a very “alkaline” food, which, with regular consumption, can help shift the pH in your body.

DōMatcha®’s matcha and green tea products containing caffeine are our full organic matcha green tea powder line, Ceremonial Organic and Summer Harvest Organic. Our conventional Ceremonial matcha and conventional Summer Harvest matcha, as well as our Master’s Choice matcha all contain caffeine. Our Organic Green Tea line also contains caffeine – although our Hojicha green tea has lower caffeine content.

Master's Choice

1.06oz | $33.99 USD

Master’s Choice - Finest Matcha Green Tea

Unique, premium matcha blended by DōMatcha®’s 16th-Generation Tea Master.



1oz | $26.99 USD

Ceremonial Matcha

High-quality, nutrient-dense matcha ideal for ceremonial or daily use.


Summer Harvest

2.82oz | $32.99 USD

Summer Harvest Matcha

Summer Harvest will be back in stock in Mid June...


Travel Packets

24 x 0.05oz | $42.99 USD

Travel Packets Ceremonial Matcha

Delicious ceremonial matcha in convenient, travel-friendly sachets.

Ceremonial Organic

Organic, high-quality, stone-ground matcha ideal for ceremonial or daily use.

Summer Harvest Organic

Matcha made from certified organic, late-harvest leaves, high in antioxidants.


Travel Packets Organic

12 x 0.05oz | $22.99 USD

Single Packets Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Delicious organic ceremonial matcha in convenient, travel-friendly sachets.


Culinary Organic Matcha

8.82oz |   $59.99 USD   $47.99 USD

Culinary Organic Matcha

Culinary-grade organic matcha, perfect for adding to smoothies, baking, or other dishes.

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