John Harrison – Founder of the DoMatcha North America’s leading matcha Brand
“The DōMatcha® brand truly reflects an alignment of East and West.  
It was the catalyst and vehicle for uniting a sixteen generation Japanese tea master family (Handa) with a Western family (Andrews) whose ties in Japan go back four generations.

The name DōMatcha® , meaning "The Way or Journey of Matcha" signifies the path that both families have taken to get to where we are today…..producing the very best Matcha the market has to offer.  

A decade ago this exotic green tea was virtually unknown outside of Japan.  In North America today DōMatcha® is the number one Matcha brand and has a huge consumer base enjoying its taste, experience and many health benefits.   This partnering of East and West now has their sights set on the European markets and beyond.  

Enjoy and prosper.”

John Harrison
CEO & President