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Cold-brew iced tea for summer!

July 03, 2019

When hot temps hit, you want to be able to cool down fast, and without the help of overly sugary drinks. We think cold-brewed iced green tea is the perfect, simple summer recipe, and it's so easy to make and keep on hand!

Iced green tea poured into a glass

Just take 2-3 teabags and leave them in a large pitcher overnight, or for anywhere from 15-35 hours. The number of teabags and hours steeping all depends on your palate and how strong you like the taste. The resulting cold-brewed iced green tea is clean, smooth, and refreshing. DōMatcha®'s cornstarch-based tetra-shaped teabags are perfect for making iced tea, and they can be composted after use!

You can customize your brew to your liking by adding lemon or lime juice, ginger, honey, fresh berries, ice, or even use it as a base for cocktails! But the best part is that it's just clean, organic, iced green tea to start. 


Two cups of iced green tea with herbs