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I began to feel clear, clean, and buoyant.

September 01, 2015

Confession of a Matcha Convert

I'd tried green teas. They were always sour, or bland, or as tasteless as dishwater. As for the health benefits, all I'd get was an extra trip to the bathroom. Then I gave in and tried a Matcha latte, for scientific interest, for the sake of philosophy, to show that I was open to new things.

As I expected, it tasted green and earthy. That was okay, but would certainly not convert me. Within a few minutes, however, I began to feel clear, clean, and buoyant. Though it was late afternoon and I was tired after a long day of meetings, I felt inspired to take a walk, a long walk, and as I did I thought: Ah ha... as if I'd made a discovery.

And I had.