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DōMatcha Wins “Best Health Food Brand of 2023”

November 30, 2023

On November 30th, 2023, DōMatcha won the “Best Health Food Brand” category by luxury lifestyle magazine LUXlife Magazine. LUXlife Food and Drink Awards aims to commend standout companies, brands, and products across the global food and beverage industry; shining light on spearheads of innovation and development. 

How are nominees evaluated?

According to LUXlife, nominations are run through third party or self nominations. LUXlife has an “in-house research team that analyzes potential awardees on the bases of merit and quality.” For more information on the methodology of picking winners, please visit here.

DōMatcha: Lifelong Pursuit of Excellence

Since its inception in 2007, DōMatcha’s mission was to introduce a new cultural concept into the North American market. By partnering up with some of the most reputable suppliers in Japan, DōMatcha has produced high quality, authentic, and bioavailable matcha over the past 16 years. Being the first to market didn’t come without its plethora of challenges, but DōMatcha continuously fought to stay relevant and lead with innovation and spirit. In 2016, DōMatcha introduced Master’s Decaf, the first decaffeinated matcha on the market. They also pioneered the naming of ceremonial grade matcha, summer harvest, and culinary, terms that are widely accepted by the tea and matcha community.

DōMatcha would like to extend a heart of gratitude to the loyal customers, team, and partners that has garnered the brand enough credibility to qualify for this award. Without the devoted DōMatcha community, none of this would have ever been possible. We will continue to strive for excellence and innovation in the beautiful field of matcha.