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Gift-giving Ideas this Holiday with DōMatcha®

December 13, 2022

Are you looking for a luxurious and thoughtful last-minute gift idea? There’s no better way to show your appreciation this holiday season than to give people a gift that is geared toward their personal wellness.

Matcha is an ancient and powerful ingredient comprised of stone-ground Japanese green tea leaves that have been consumed for thousands of years by the Japanese. It’s known for its abundant health properties, and the bright green colour reflects its superior quality and smooth taste. Today, it’s touched the tastebuds of millions across the world with its leap into the North American and European markets, being used in a variety of recipes fit for every taste. This includes various drinks, baked goods, desserts, and traditional delicacies. 

Identifying the Best Matcha Tea Brand

Gift-giving Ideas this Holiday with DōMatcha®

Whereas with some Matcha products that use low-quality tea leaves or a hybrid of sencha leaves and fillers, DōMatcha® guarantees 100% Japanese authentic Matcha in every silver airtight tin. In this holiday guide, we include some of the best gift ideas that use the best Matcha tea brand: DōMatcha® green tea, to spoil your loved ones.

For the Tea Lovers: Ceremonial Starter Kit

Gift-giving Ideas this Holiday with DōMatcha®_Ceremonial-starter-kit

We all have that one friend who drinks tea like it’s their job. Surprise them with a traditional ceremonial matcha set from DōMatcha®, so they can make a superior cup of matcha to soothe their insatiable afternoon tea cravings. Each kit comes with ceremonial-grade Matcha, a bamboo whisk, a whisk stand, a bamboo scoop, and a ceremonial matcha bowl in the Deep Ocean colour. A beautiful set for a ritual tea drinker.

For the Fitness Enthusiast: Summer Harvest Matcha 

While many may default to powdered pre-workout supplements filled with artificial flavours, preservatives, and sugars to fuel their intensive workouts, we personally prefer drinking matcha for sustained energy, alertness, calmness and its metabolism-firing properties.

For those that prefer cold drinks such as smoothies or protein shakes, the Summer Harvest Matcha from DōMatcha® is a perfect complement to their pre-workout snack. As the name suggests, Summer Harvest Matcha uses green tea leaves that are harvested in the summer as opposed to the spring. As a result, the powdered Matcha is higher in catechins and renders an earthier, slightly more astringent flavour. This product is ideal for mixed beverages such as iced matcha lattes or an addition to a green power smoothie.

For the Christmas Bakers: Culinary Organic Matcha

Gift-giving Ideas this Holiday with DōMatcha®_Christmas-baker-culinary-organic-matcha

When the Christmas trees and bristly wreaths go up, a unique transformation occurs within certain households. You’ll find your partner, parents, or kids suddenly put on their aprons and oven mitts and become full-time bakers. Why not adorn their lengthy holiday baking list with some matcha-infused recipes?

Using only the finest quality matcha, DōMatcha®’s Culinary Organic Matcha perfectly complements the sweetness of baked goods, or tangy, savoury offerings, with the refreshing and robust flavour of Matcha. 

We recommend including some unique Matcha recipe cards in the gift for your culinary epicures.

For the Night Owls: Decaffeinated Matcha

Gift-giving Ideas this Holiday with DōMatcha®_decaffeinated-matcha

There’s a significant portion of the population that finds themselves highly energetic in the evenings, as opposed to the mornings. Because it’s already hard to relax and go to bed at night, these people might find it in their best interest to stay away from caffeine.

For those that love the taste and health benefits of Matcha but want to stay away from caffeine,  DōMatcha® offers the first and only Decaffeinated Matcha on the market. This way, you can still retain all the benefits and properties of consuming matcha, such as increased focus and relaxation from the large concentration of L-theanine.

There are plenty of ways to consume Matcha and receive mental and physical wellness benefits throughout the holiday season. DōMatcha® offers a gift variation for different interests, so you can personalize or add any DōMatcha® product to your gifting. Shop the collection for all your holiday needs.