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Matcha Almond Milk Smoothie

August 11, 2021

A matcha almond milk smoothie is a refreshing drink that is perfect for the summer and easy to make at home. This recipe only calls for 5 main ingredients that can be easily found in your home.

The best part?

We are going to show you only 3 simple steps to make a refreshing matcha blend at home that tastes great and gives you an instant boost of energy this summer.

Let’s get started with our key ingredient: Matcha!

It’s Not Just Any Type of Matcha

If you ever wonder why your homemade matcha drink doesn’t taste as good as the one from your local coffee shop, one of the reasons could be you are not using the right matcha. Authentic matcha usually has a vibrant green colour. Taste slightly varies depending on the tea grades.

What is better for a summer drink than fresh tea leaves harvested in the summer? Our DōMatcha® Summer Harvest Matcha is collected in the summer, which gives a robust flavour that stands up well against almond milk, ice, and sweetener. When developing this recipe, we wanted to balance the earthy taste of Summer Harvest Matcha with something sweet and nutritious. Adding half of a frozen banana gives this blend a sweet taste and a creamy texture.

organic summer harvest matcha

A Tasty Matcha Smoothie Packed with Health Benefits

This smoothie is sweetened with bananas and honey, matcha for caffeine, and almond milk to pull it all together. It is an ideal recipe for you if you are looking for a healthy alternative change to coffee for your morning breakfast.

The amino acid, L- Theanine is beneficial for calmness and cognition. It mitigates the negative effects of caffeine, to work in harmony with caffeine. As a result the energy is longer-lasting and steady. Other matcha benefits may include increasing physical endurance and alertness, improving focus, clarity, and productivity, as well as reducing stress.

People say that matcha gives them a calmer caffeine boost than coffee. With that in mind, we set off to make a delicious and healthy smoothie that could double as our caffeine fix in the morning and a pick-me-up in the afternoon.  Now let’s put that blender to work!



Optional additions:


  1. Combine honey, almond milk, vanilla extract, banana, and ice in a blender, and blend until smooth
  2. Add in the DōMatcha® and blend for five more seconds
  3. Pour into a chilled glass, sprinkle with Cinnamon powder and serve!
Matcha Tea

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