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Raw Vegan Matcha Charcoal Swirl Cheesecake

May 24, 2018

Raw Vegan Matcha Charcoal Swirl Cheesecake

A delicious recipe by Olympian Julia Murray! Check out her blog here!

Forget friends with benefits… dessert with benefits way more fun. And yes, this raw vegan matcha charcoal swirl cheese cake does taste as good as it looks.

This luscious  dessert is a crowd-pleases and SO easy!! It only takes 15 minutes of actual time in the kitchen for you. The rest of the time is for soaking the nuts and freezing the cake so it’s a cheese cake-like texture.

Mixing these two wonders together creates a black and green galaxy of antioxidants and intense detoxifying powers your body will thank you for. Matcha does wonders as an antioxidant powerhouse, and activated charcoal actually binds to toxins and heavy metals in your body (great for hangovers).

Matcha is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. I’ve been loving the ceremonial grade DoMatcha. They’re all about quality and transparency with their matcha (check out where they source it from and how it’s made here).

I’m so in love with matcha. One of my Jules Fuel overnight buckwheat oat breakfast cereals is made with DoMatcha, and when I’m working from home I end up having at least 2 matcha hemp milk lattés throughout the day, and I feel gooooood about it.
This dessert was a hit at my good friend’s 30th birthday (Happy Birthday Shannon). No one was vegan, and everyone wanted more.
7  benefits of Matcha:
  1. Antioxidant powerhouse! Matcha helps slow aging process by fighting free radicals and protecting your cells from damage and minimizing your risk for disease
  2. Sustained energy release compared to coffee (no jitters)
  3. High in the antioxidant EGCG, which is shown to boost metabolism, increase fat loss, and help prevent disease
  4. 137 times more antioxidants that your typical green tea
  5. L-theanine in matcha improves memory and boosts your mood by helping produce dopamine and serotonin
  6. High levels of chlorophyll in matcha detoxifies your body by helping remove heavy metals and chemical toxins
  7. Increases your immunity with it’s antibiotic properties and good levels of vitamin A, C and potassium


For ingredients and cooking instructions click here!

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