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I look forward to "tea time" so much every day.

September 06, 2015

Hi there. I am a huge DōMatcha® fan and wanted to share something with you guys. We live in Bastrop Texas and had to evacuate our home Sunday due to a devastating wildfire that swept through our neighborhood.

We had about 15 minutes to get out while hearing the sound of our neighbors propane tanks exploding. We gathered all of our pets first - quite a few as we have a farm. After loading the animals and releasing the birds from my aviary, I had a moment to throw a few things in a laundry basket.

I want you to know that my DōMatcha® made the list! It's a bit strange, but you never know what you'll do or take in that situation. The tea would be so easy to replace yet still, I grabbed it. I didn't take any clothes or valuables. Sometimes I think that the small things can be the most precious, and I look forward to "tea time" so much every day.

Anyway, as silly as it sounds to grab a tin of tea while running from a fire, I just wanted you to know.

Many thanks,