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I will be a DōMatcha® drinker for life!

August 31, 2015

Dear DōMatcha®,

I have been a coffee drinker for several years now, and I rely on the taste as well as the 'pick me up' it provides every morning. I probably drink between 6 to 8 cups per day. This last weekend, my friend and I tried the regular 30g DōMatcha® and my experience was amazing! That day, not only did I not need any coffee to start my day, I didn't have any ill effects of drinking the DōMatcha®.

I cannot tell you what an amazing feeling it is to know that I'm doing something wonderful for my body, but also that I don't need to push unwanted calories down my throat to start my day.

I will be a DōMatcha® drinker for life!



September 13, 2015

Gives me energy and yet keeps me calm at the same time.

Natalia Toporowska, a professional tennis player, took her DōMatcha on a hike through the Sonoran Mountains in Arizona, while traveling on a tournament! She said, "I train 2-3 times a day, 6 days a week for my sport and there...


September 12, 2015

I was blown away with how good I felt physically, mentally.

I bought a can of your Organic Summer Harvest and started drinking that twice a day, instead of coffee, while competing. I was blown away with how good I felt physically, mentally, and how great my energy felt even while...


September 11, 2015

DōMatcha® green tea provides extra energy and focus to my training!

Orange County California’s Chun-Sheng Wang exudes his passion for life through rigorous training of the Brazilian Capoeira martial art ( www.temjogo.com ) and as a performer and board member of Dance Impressions Productions. Chun takes his DōMatcha™ out into the...


September 10, 2015

Gives me that edge by providing me with increased energy levels and better mental focus.

Christopher Gordon, U.S. professional squash player, drinks DōMatcha®before every training session and tournament for a natural energy boost. "Being a professional squash player," he says, " I am always looking for a competitive edge. DōMatcha® gives me that edge by...