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It gives me extra energy and attention to play my best.

September 04, 2015

My name is Brett Floyd and I am a classical guitarist. I am currently working on my DMA in music performance at the University of South Carolina's School of Music.

I teach and perform a lot and thought I would let you know how your DōMatcha® has helped me gain an edge in both rehearsals and performances.

I started drinking real tea about two years ago and quickly found a passion for it. I love the taste and health benefits of high-quality loose leaf tea and soon discovered I preferred Japanese green teas - my exploration of which led me to Matcha.

I remember my first Matcha. It was an amazing rush of calm, focused energy that stayed with me for several hours. It was an energy and focus boost without jitters! The Matcha I first purchased (another company) was not so pleasing to drink. It was astringent and sharp. During a trip to Whole Foods, I purchased my first DōMatcha® Organic. I had heard of your company and was excited to try your products. I got the same great boost of calm, focused energy, but this time with a creamy, sweet taste! Since then, I buy only DōMatcha® Organic, it never disappoints me.

Being a professional musician I am always looking for an edge, so I started drinking DōMatcha® before my concerts. It gives me extra energy and attention to play my best. I find DōMatcha® 60 to 90 minutes before a performance gives me the best results. I also drink it before rehearsals.

I believe in DōMatcha® for musicians so much, I wrote an informative article on my website. I think everyone can benefit as I do.

Just wanted to say thanks for a terrific product!


September 13, 2015

Gives me energy and yet keeps me calm at the same time.

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September 12, 2015

I was blown away with how good I felt physically, mentally.

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September 11, 2015

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September 10, 2015

Gives me that edge by providing me with increased energy levels and better mental focus.

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