DōMatcha®’s premium organic green tea bags

Our varieties of organic green tea bags

At DōMatcha®, we’re not just a matcha tea company: our love of Japanese tea tradition also includes organic green tea as well as matcha powder products. Our Organic Green Tea line contains a variety of different styles of organic green tea bags, with different processing traditions behind the tea leaves.

Our range of premium organic green teas are grown, harvested, dried, and prepared with care and tradition in Japan. Each type of tea can be prepared as a hot infused green tea or a cold-brewed iced green tea.

Unlike many conventional bagged teas, there are no microplastics in our biodegradable cornstarch tetra tea bags. Our tea bags allow the leaves to release more nutrients, such as L-theanine, and premium flavour than traditional teabags. Each bag can be used up to three times, providing approximately 60 servings per box, before being conveniently placed in your compost to biodegrade.

Our Gyokuro Organic Green Tea contains the best quality shade grown organic green tea leaves. Gyokuro tea leaves are similar to tencha tea leaves, which are used for premium matcha, but instead of being stone ground, the leaves are rolled whole. Considered “the champagne of Japanese green tea,” our Gyokuro tea has a surprisingly sweet, delicate flavour and smooth aftertaste.

Our Organic Sencha contains tea leaves that are full sun-grown, steamed, rolled, and heat dried after harvesting. This classic Japanese green tea is refreshing on the tongue with a slightly astringent note; the perfect luxury for every day.

Our Organic Hojicha tea features a proprietary blend of high quality organic green tea leaves, pan-fired and slow roasted using the traditional methods of Kyoto, Japan. DōMatcha®’s Organic Hojicha uses only 100% autumn-harvested leaves, which when brewed contain notes of smoky mesquite and an extremely smooth finish. Hojicha is often consumed after evening meals due to the lower caffeine content.

Our Organic Tencha green tea contains a proprietary blend of premium organic green tea leaves and organic matcha tea, creating an extremely powerful and smooth, clean flavor.

Hojicha Organic

20 teabags |   $22.99 USD   $18.39 USD

Hojicha Organic

Lower in caffeine, made from traditionally pan-fired and slow roasted green tea leaves with a smooth, smoky finish.