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The Benefits of Air Shipping Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

April 08, 2024

Matcha powder originates from beautiful Japan, which is home to miles of illustrious green tea fields, birthing centuries of the finest tea craftsmen and tea houses. Though the tradition of matcha was founded hundreds and thousands of miles away from the West, lucky for us, we get to enjoy a fresh tin of Japanese matcha green tea powder imported directly from Kyoto and Kagoshima, Japan. DōMatcha®’s freshly grounded matcha is immediately packaged in a food-safe bag with an oxygen absorber and inserted into an airtight steel tin. It’s kept in a cold, temperature-controlled environment and air-shipped to our warehouses in the United States and Vancouver, Canada. It arrives at the warehouse door no later than five business days. Although air shipping generally costs more than ocean freight, it is the quickest way to move products like Japanese matcha green tea powder internationally.

Japanese green tea powder is sensitive to heat, moisture, and oxygen. Spending a month in a shipping container is not the ideal condition for matcha to stay fresh, but most companies choose this method to save costs. At DōMatcha®, we always airship our matcha from Japan to the warehouse, and we try to ensure that the matcha is kept in temperature-controlled environments throughout its journey. This way, we can decrease the risk of quality degradation, so you receive a vibrantly green matcha every time.

Other advantages air freight offers over ocean freight include:

Fresher product: Faster transit times mean that businesses like DōMatcha® can maintain lower inventory levels since they can restock more frequently. This ensures our customers are getting a fresher supply of matcha.

Supply predictability: We know how devastating it feels when your favorite matcha is out of stock. A major perk of air shipping is decreased lead time for the product to get from our supplier in Japan to you! Air freight is also less susceptible to seasonal variations or weather conditions that may disrupt ocean freight operations.

Reduced Risk of Contamination: Air freight typically involves fewer handling points compared to ocean freight, reducing the risk of contamination from external sources during transit. DōMatcha® is lab-tested for heavy metals and contaminants.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: Consumer safety is of paramount importance at DōMatcha®. Air freight may offer advantages in meeting regulatory requirements, especially for food safety standards and certifications, as it allows for faster transit times and more precise temperature control.

In conclusion, the benefits of air shipping Japanese matcha green tea powder over ocean freight are manifold and significant for both the producer and the consumer. By choosing air freight over ocean freight, companies like DōMatcha® ensure that the hard efforts that go into producing clean and vibrant matcha are preserved, with minimal risk of degradation and contamination during transit. The speed and precision of air shipping allow for fresher products, reduced inventory costs, and greater supply predictability, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for matcha enthusiasts worldwide.

Moreover, air freight facilitates compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, underscoring DōMatcha®'s commitment to consumer safety and satisfaction. In essence, air shipping emerges as the optimal choice for preserving the integrity and freshness of Japanese matcha, delivering a vibrant and authentic taste experience with every sip.

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