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Additional information from previous review.
They are all made in China.
The first photo shows a brand new Domatcha whisk I recently bought, Next to it is an old one after 2 months of use, totally worn out ( I do 3 times matcha a day). The one on the right was bought 6 months ago, same daily use.
The 2nd photo shows difference between Domatcha whisk and cost Plus Market product.
I just wanted to share my opinion. This review doesn't need to be posted. It's simply for information sharing.
This is additional details following previous review I submitted

Amazon customer
This is a great whisk, it's held up nicely over time

This is a great whisk, it's held up nicely over time, although I only use it 1-2 times a week. I use it exclusively for making my Matcha tea, it froths up well for my liking. To clean it I rinse it thoroughly with warm running water and let it dry out completely before placing it back in the whisk stand.

Tina B.
Its a great quality tool

You gotta use this for making your Matcha tea! It completely declumps the Matcha. Its a great quality tool.

Joseph G.
This whisk is fantastic

Works very well for tea ceremony, this chasen is well made. I've tried using other kinds of whisks with my DoMatcha and those dont dissolve it correctly, it stays clumpy. This whisk instead, is fantastic.

Sabrina P.
Consistently good quality!

Would definitely buy it again! This beautiful bamboo whisk whisks my matcha to perfection. Consistently good quality!