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The Versatility of Green Tea

March 04, 2020

We love our bagged organic tetra green teas, and have worked to make sure they are as high-quality and authentically Japanese as our ground matcha. Our award-winning green teas are a variety of organic, carefully-dried green teas, prepared traditionally in Japan. Our tetra shaped teabags, made from cornstarch, release more nutrients and flavour than traditional teabags, and each bag can be used again for three brews total. There is absolutely no danger of microplastic byproduct when you brew our teas!

Young women enjoying aromatic green tea

Another great use for our teabags is making cold brewed green tea! This process is incredibly easy; it just takes a little longer, but it produces a clean, smooth tea that is very refreshing, especially in the warmer months. You can use one teabag to about a quart of water, and just place the container you are brewing with in your refrigerator to steep.

Delicious chilled glass of iced green tea

Cold brewed green tea is delicious on its own, but you can get creative and add mango, ginger, oat milk, or many other add-ons to create your own concoction! You can also use it as a base for cocktails.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we created a cocktail recipe, using cold brewed green tea made with DōMatcha® Organic Green Tea as the base. You can either make it with a spirit or as a mocktail so that anyone can enjoy it!

Delicious cold green tea cocktail

“Summer Storm” – made with DōMatcha® Organic Tencha


3 oz cold-brewed green tea made with DōMatcha® Organic Tencha

1 oz liquid honey or agave syrup

1 oz Suntory Roku Japanese Gin (optional)

Note: you can substitute another gin or a similar spirit such as vodka, but we highly suggest Suntory Roku, as the botanicals used in the gin production are extremely complimentary to the flavour of green tea.

.25 oz lime juice

4-6 fresh mint leaves

1-3 lime slices to garnish

About 10 ice cubes

Cocktail shaker or large mason jar

Cocktail muddler

Serve in a tall glass.



Prepare the cold brewed green tea ahead of time. You can let it sit overnight, or for as little as three hours. Simply refrigerate 1 teabag per 1 quart of water in the fridge in a container.

In your cocktail shaker or mason jar, pour in the Roku gin (optional), the lime juice, and 3 mint leaves. Use the muddler to gently crush the mint leaves without shredding them. If you don’t have a muddler on hand, the blunt end of a kitchen utensil can be substituted. When you feel that the mint leaves have released some flavour into the mix, you can add the liquid sweetener and cold brewed green tea, as well as half of the ice cubes. Note that if you are using liquid honey, you may want to mix it with a small amount of hot water first, to make sure it will dissolve properly. Close the cocktail shaker or screw the lid on your mason jar. Vigorously shake the mixture for about thirty seconds.

Place the rest of the ice in your cocktail glass. Being sure not to allow any of the muddled mint or shaker ice in the glass, pour the cocktail mixture over the fresh ice in the new glass. Clap the remaining mint leaves to release their scent and place them gently on top of the ice as a garnish. You can place a lime wedge on the rim of the glass or add a few to the contents of the glass for presentation. We suggest going strawless, or using a re-usable glass, bamboo, or metal straw for your cocktail creation!

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