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Matcha White Bean Dip

April 21, 2021

Keeping our recipes simple, easy, delicious and nutritious is so helpful for our energy levels right now! Matcha can be added to our savory recipes for an extra kick of umami flavor and nutritional density - not to mention some bright, bold colour. 

We love this white bean matcha dip as an alternative to classic hummus because the white beans' nutty, subtle flavour complements the astringent green tea taste from the matcha, whereas the strong, earthy flavour of chickpeas in traditional hummus can be overwhelming by comparison. 



Optional additions:


Combine all ingredients except the broth or water, and add to the food processor. Blend and add broth or water as needed for smoothness and texture, depending on preference. Any fresh herbs can either be added to the dip or used as garnish. 

Best served and eaten immediately. Pairs perfectly with pita, naan, crackers, bite-size veggies, or on sandwiches! 



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