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September 06, 2015

I look forward to "tea time" so much every day.

Hi there. I am a huge DōMatcha® fan and wanted to share something with you guys. We live in Bastrop Texas and had to evacuate our home Sunday due to a devastating wildfire that swept through our neighborhood. We had...


September 03, 2015

my hands don't shake like when I drink coffee.

"I drink DōMatcha® tea just before my workday, and I like it especially because it gives me a burst of energy so that when I am hairdressing my hands don't shake like when I drink coffee." NAN JOHNSTON


September 01, 2015

I began to feel clear, clean, and buoyant.

Confession of a Matcha Convert I'd tried green teas. They were always sour, or bland, or as tasteless as dishwater. As for the health benefits, all I'd get was an extra trip to the bathroom. Then I gave in and...