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Matcha Tea Benefits for Women: 5 Proven Matcha Benefits

March 07, 2023

As women, we face a lot of mental and physical impediments that often aren’t discussed aloud. Women are often more sensitive to hormonal changes throughout the month and are more prone to experience physical conditions like fatigue (anemia), thyroid dysfunction, or mental conditions like anxiety or depression than men.

Fortunately, women are also more proactive about taking matters into their own hands. At Domatcha, being proactive about our health starts with drinking 100% Japanese matcha tea daily. Matcha tea benefits are abundant, and it helps supercharge our days with free radical fighting antioxidants, calming L-theanine, and immune boosting vitamin C. Matcha is so potent as an ingredient that it’s often used in skin care products to draw out its powerful properties to heal or soothe the skin.

Without further ado, here are five proven matcha benefits targeted at women.

For Calmness: L-theanine

 Matcha Tea Benefits for Women 5 Proven Matcha Benefits

One of the deadliest sins you can commit is asking a woman to “calm down.” Yet, introducing her to a fine cup of matcha tea may evoke a more pleasant reaction. Matcha not only has an eye-catching, vibrant hue but also brings warmth and comfort when sipped upon during the day. This is partially due to the high L-theanine content in green tea, specifically matcha green tea. Matcha preserves most of the nutrients in green tea leaves because you’re consuming the entire leaf instead of drinking the residual water from steeped green tea leaves. It is found that matcha contains ten times the antioxidant content than steeped green tea.


For Energy: Caffeine

Matcha Tea Benefits for Women 5 Proven Matcha Benefits

Women can experience fatigue for a variety of reasons. Low thyroid functioning, adrenal burnout, stress, menstrual cycle, menopause, anemia…the list goes on. Although it’s always advised to see a professional practitioner for the soundest advice, we believe that substituting coffee or other stimulants with matcha can perform wonders for your energy levels. Matcha contains one-third of the caffeine of coffee, but in effect, it provides a more steady and sustainable stream of energy than coffee.

It is found that the coupling of caffeine and L-theanine produces a state of mental agility and focus. Caffeine also has several anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that strengthen our blood vessels.


For Health: Polyphenols & Catechins

 Matcha Tea Benefits for Women 5 Proven Matcha Benefits

It’s no secret women have scoured the earth to find products that help them preserve their bodies in prime condition. For example, the rise in popularity of collagen products is a testament to this obsession with aesthetic and bone health maintenance.

The antioxidants found in matcha measured as ECGC, has landed it on the territory of being a “superfood.” ORAC is a measuring unit of the potency of an antioxidant. While blueberries, commonly known for their high antioxidant content, have an ORAC value of 24, matcha has a whooping 1384g per gram.


 Matcha Tea Benefits for Women 5 Proven Matcha Benefits

Antioxidants are renowned for their ability to fight free radicals in cells. To put it succinctly, age, environmental factors, and lifestyle habits contribute to the degeneration of cells in our bodies. Antioxidants help prevent and reverse these damages. This is why matcha may help prevent neurological degeneration and aging.


For Anti-Bloating: Drink Matcha

Bloating can be physically uncomfortable and hinder the confidence of women. During menstrual weeks, bloating can become more prevalent. Fortunately, the polyphenols in matcha have been found to potentially balance the gut microbiome and thus relieve digestive issues like bloating. Additionally, substituting dairy, sugary, and carbonated beverages with an alkalizing drink like matcha can help reduce bloating during and after meals.


For Improved Cognition: L-Theanine

Matcha Tea Benefits for Women 5 Proven Matcha Benefits

Women nowadays are highly educated and work in high-demand jobs. Some also have to balance family responsibilities, and that means remembering play dates and school meetings. Our diets play a significant role in preserving our cognitive function as we age. Fortunately, the combination of L-theanine in matcha and caffeine has been shown to enhance cognitive function and improve mood.



As we approach International Women’s Day, let’s not forget the tremendous work women contribute to society and our communities. Integrating 100% authentic matcha into a woman’s routine can yield great benefits for their mental and physical well-being, so they can continue to power on and achieve wonderful things.

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